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Alexander Kopp


 Dr.-Ing. Alexander Kopp
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Before founding POLARIS, Alexander worked for 10 years as systems engineer for advanced space launch, hypersonic transport and reentry systems in the Space Launcher System Analysis Department of the German Aerospace Center DLR. Alexander led multi-million Euro research projects and holds a PhD degree in aerospace engineering.


Monika Märtens


Monika Märtens
Chief Administrative Officer

Having worked for various tech companies, including in the automotive and IT industry, Monika has more than 25 years of experience in accounting, controlling, marketing and sales. As a freelance consultant, she also managed international marketing projects in Germany and Ireland where she lived for several years.



Chief Commercial Officer

Position soon to be filled

Senior Technical Advisor

Wolfgang Fischer

Wolfgang P. P. Fischer

Wolfgang worked  at European aerospace companies and longest for ArianeGroup and its predecessors for almost 40 years. His experience covers various technical disciplines, with a focus on thermal/protection systems, and management of ESA, EU and national R&D projects. Before retiring, Wolfgang served as Grand Expert Reentry and Cryogenic Systems at ArianeGroup.

Angel Team

Matthias Spott

Matthias Spott

Matthias has more than 25 years of experience in the aerospace industry. After a successful career in international corporations, management consulting firms and as co-CEO of IABG, he became one of Europe’s first NewSpace entrepreneurs in 2015 and founded the satellite mega-constellation startup eightyLEO and other companies and acts now as business angel / investor.


Steffen Herfurth

Steffen Herfurth

Steffen held executive positions in various technology companies in the communications and finance sector. Together with Matthias, he founded the satellite constellation startup eightyLEO, where he was active as Chief Financial Officer.


Diederik Kelder

Diederik Kelder

Diederik is a business developer with more than 25 years of experience in investment in the space industry. He currently serves as as Chief Strategy Officer at LEO constellation operator Rivada Space Networks. Prior to that he held several strategy and development functions with satellite communications companies SES, New Skies and Eutelsat.

 Meet the POLARIS Team

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