25.08.2023 - German Spaceplane Designer Flies Flight-Control Demonstrator

Aviation Week reports about our latest flight vehicle.

Image: POLARIS Raumflugzeuge GmbH

02.06.2023 - The Elusive Aerospike Engine Could Finally Be Ready to Fly

Popular Mechanics reports about our aerospike flight demonstration project.

Image: NASA

13.03.2023 - Aus „ATHENA“ wird „NOVA“ - Unbemanntes Raumflugzeug getestet

The Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) reports about our project, covering the ATHENA flight campaign and the next steps.

Image: POLARIS Raumflugzeuge GmbH


01.03.2023 - Auf neuen Wegen ins All


In their client magazine "HDI Berater", HDI Global SE inform about the technologies developed by POLARIS for their spaceplane demonstrators and the individual liability insurance solution they offered POLARIS for the testing of their demonstrator ATHENA. 

Image: POLARIS Raumflugzeuge GmbH

31.01.2023 - Wettlauf um die Macht im Weltraum - Ist Europa in Gefahr? - Das Erste

As part of a documentary by German TV station ARD, a film crew accompanied the POLARIS team during their flight campaigns in Peenemünde in November 2022. Part of the campaign was the first flight of demonstrator ATHENA, built under a contract awarded by the German Bundeswehr.

Image: HR, Hessischer Rundfunk

19.01.2023 - To the moon: 16 spacetech companies to watch, according to investors  

In a report by Éanna Kelly on Sifted, POLARIS was mentioned as one of the 16 spacetech companies investors think should be watched: "These guys are developing a reusable space plane and hypersonic transport plane. The CEO is ex-DLR (Germany’s NASA) and has made incredible progress in a very short time with very limited funding. The company demoed a subsonic plane last year, which it built for the German armed forces."

Image: POLARIS Raumflugzeuge GmbH


07.12.2022 - POLARIS Raumflugzeuge Update – Testflüge an der Ostsee in abgesperrtem Luftraum

On his YouTube channel Astrodrom, Michael Weißflog gives an extensive update on ATHENA's first flight.

Image: POLARIS Raumflugzeuge GmbH

01.12.2022 - Ab in den Orbit ohne Startrampe 

Weser-Wirtschaft, the business journal of Bremen and its surroundings, reported about POLARIS in their December issue. 

Image: POLARIS Raumflugzeuge GmbH


19.11.2022 - Start von jedem Flughafen - Bremer Unternehmen will die Raumfahrt revolutionieren

Following an interview with CEO Alexander Kopp, German news site t-online reports about POLARIS and their mission to build a spaceplane with horizontal take-off capabilities.

Image: POLARIS Raumflugzeuge GmbH

26.10.2022 - Ohne Startrampe ins All: Bremer Unternehmen will Raumflugzeuge bauen

buten un binnen, a regional news platform by local station Radio Bremen, reports on POLARIS'
progress in building spaceplanes.

Darum baut dieses Bremer Start-Up gerade an einem Raumflugzeug (video)

Image: POLARIS Raumflugzeuge GmbH

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